When it comes to coordinating patient support services, Interconnect® delivers

Your patient’s dedicated Care Coordinator will assist your patients with the process from enrollment and start of treatment through ongoing adherence. Care Coordinators communicate with you and your staff, your patients, and specialty pharmacy to keep things running smoothly.

Get to know more about our team of Care Coordinators and how they assist with patient enrollment.

Interconnect is committed to removing financial barriers to patients accessing their prescribed treatment, including providing assistance identifying and evaluating the potential options based on your patient’s insurance plan and eligibility.

  • Commercial insurance

    Qualifying patients with commercial insurance may be eligible for the Interconnect savings program, which offers copay assistance where patients may be able to pay as little as $0.a

  • Medicare/Medicaid

    Interconnect may provide information on financial support options from independent charitable foundation programs and the Intercept Patient Assistance Program for those that cannot afford their out of pocket based off eligibility.b

  • No insurance or underinsured for an Intercept therapy

    Qualified patients may be provided with access to their Intercept treatment at no cost under the Intercept Patient Assistance Program.

  • Delays and Gaps in coverage

    Eligible patients may qualify for an interim supply of their medication to prevent treatment delays and gaps.

aOffer not valid for patients enrolled in Medicare, Medicaid, or other federal or state healthcare programs. For program terms, conditions, and eligibility criteria click here.

bIndependent foundations are not associated with Intercept Pharmaceuticals. Specific details and eligibility requirements can be found directly at the foundations’ websites. Intercept does not endorse or guarantee reimbursement or support from any independent charitable organization.

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cThe views expressed in these quotes are from individuals and may not reflect the opinions or experiences of all prescribers who work with Interconnect Support Services

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