We can help you get started on your Intercept treatment through personalized support.

Once you and your healthcare provider decide that an Intercept treatment is right
for you, your Care Coordinator will be here to help.

  • Enroll in Interconnect®

    Your doctor will fill out an enrollment packet that includes HIPAA, patient consent, and program services opt-in forms. To begin your Intercept treatment fulfillment process, you must sign these forms.

  • Sign your forms

    You can sign the enrollment forms in person at your doctor’s office, or you can sign the eConsent form electronically.

Frequently asked questions

How do I enroll in Interconnect?
If your healthcare provider determines that treatment support with Interconnect makes sense for you, he or she will complete an enrollment packet that includes your prescription. Once you have provided your signature, you will be enrolled in Interconnect. If your packet is completed but still needs your signature, click here to sign an eConsent.
When will I know who my Care Coordinator will be?
Once you are enrolled, your Care Coordinator will reach out to you to explain how Interconnect can help. Care Coordinators are generally assigned by the region in which you live.
I would like to speak with a Care Coordinator who speaks Spanish. Is that possible?
Yes! We have bilingual team members to help provide the support that you need.
How often will I hear from my Care Coordinator?
Once you are enrolled, your Care Coordinator will call you to discuss the details of your prescription and answer any initial questions you may have. He or she may check in with you thereafter if necessary. You can also feel free to call your Care Coordinator at any time.
What is a specialty pharmacy?
A specialty pharmacy is different from your local pharmacy. A specialty pharmacy coordinates the delivery of specialized medicines such as your Intercept treatment. Your medicine can be shipped to your home. Sometimes it can be shipped to your local pharmacy or place of employment, if requested.
When should I order refills of my Intercept treatment?
Getting your refills on time matters. It can help you stay on track with your treatment, which is important for managing your condition. Order refills about a week before you run out of your Intercept treatment. Your Care Coordinator can help schedule deliveries and resolve any issues with your refills.
How will my Care Coordinator work with my healthcare provider’s office?
You and your healthcare provider’s office will have the same Care Coordinator who will keep in touch with both of you throughout the process. Your Care Coordinator will communicate with office staff about prior authorizations and coverage for your prescriptions, specialty pharmacy deliveries, refills, and more.
Can I call Interconnect if I have questions about my Intercept treatment?
Yes! We have registered nurses on staff who can help answer questions about the Prescribing Information or Medication Guide, as appropriate.
Why do I need to sign and eConsent?
Providing an eConsent is a way to electronically complete a Patient Authorization form which allows you to receive support services from Interconnect. Your signature also gives your Care Coordinator permission to talk to you about your condition and your Intercept treatment.
Is everything I discuss with my Care Coordinator confidential?
Yes. Everything you discuss with your Care Coordinator is confidential. When you work with your healthcare provider to complete your Interconnect Enrollment form, there is a section called HIPAA Authorization on page 4 that explains the types of information that may be shared between your healthcare provider(s), health insurance provider(s), and Intercept Pharmaceuticals, Inc. You’ll need to review this section and provide your signature if you agree.

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